Samus is captured

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samus is captured
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The morning of September 9, nearly equated the Apollo 11 Moon Landing for a nation of Nintendo-obsessed kids. This otherwise-ordinary Saturday marked the premiere of Captain N: The Game Master , a cartoon that promised to turn the blocky blobs of sprites from our NES games into fully animated spectacles. Of course, given the landscape of televised animation at the time, Captain N couldn't have turned out much better.
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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. - She was introduced in the video game Metroid.

The Big Empty stretched on before them on the viewscreen for as far as they could see, an unknown expanse of darkness interrupted periodically by distant stars and shifting blots of color, planets that had either not yet been inhabited by another spacefaring race, or that had simply been uncontacted. To the Wrecking Crew, it didn't really matter which they were; if the place didn't ping their system as a friendly port to their outfit, they just drifted on by.
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A guy at requested this a while back and I finally got around to making it. I tried to do a more realistic style this time around.
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However, a Space Pirate raid led by Ridley soon commenced on the colony. In response, Ridley attempted to kill Samus, but her mother pushed her daughter out of the way at the cost of her own life.

This would also help the Federation in retaking their abandoned base on the planet, which was overrun by the beasts. It is one of the more difficult missions in the game, especially when acquiring all three of its medals. To capture them, the Marines must lure them into giant cages stationed around the mission environment. The cages are opened by shooting red buttons above them. When something enters it, the cage will close. It may be necessary for one of the soldiers to enter the cage in order to lure the Ice Titan into it as well.


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