Chris brown junk picture

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Chris Brown’s leaked penis picture out performs Brett Favre and Tommy Lee (NSFW)

chris brown junk picture
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Chris Brown Shuts Down Twitter Of Porn Star Who Allegedly Posted His Peen [PHOTOS]

Troubled star Chris Brown may not be a thug, but he sure acts it sometimes., Which is why I was distressed, nay, outraged to learn of the existence of Freaky Friday, a collaboration between comedy rapper Lil Dicky and Chris Brown.

Heather Morris , keep your chin up and other parts covered. We totally emphathize with the star after alleged personal pics were leaked from her phone, and we hope she gets over all this quickly. Because she should. As much as being overexposed can be a bad thing, being exposed with a naked photo scandal is by no means a career ender. Let's take a look back at how four ladies including Scarlett Johnasson and Olivia Munn and even a guy bounced back from their alleged nude photo leaks.

As a journalist, we struggle with a few things. Integrity, honesty of sources, reputation, and reliability. Bad news, good news, etc… Ever so ofter, we come across a few issues that put us in a moral dilemma. Today as I awake I find in my inbox a picture of a naked Chris Brown. My dilemma, to print or not to print. He will definitely get more female fans after this one drops Or is it to combat the recently leaked photos of the Rihanna and His fight months back? As a person I am struggling with this but as a business, a media outlet, a reputable source for Hip Hop I must print the pic.

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