Poz conversion stories

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Gay hiv stories

poz conversion stories

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A Boys Own Story

Especially in a big city like Los Angeles where there are literally five million other fish in the sea and so many opportunities and ways to meet them. Dating is exciting and fun, but then again it can be heart wrenching and psychosis-inducing. I took my personal responsibility and tried to make the relationship work for a while.

Doug Hitzel spent the end of his teens chasing HIV. Bug-chasing. He spotted the acronyms BB (bareback) and PnP (party-and-play) in my male-for-male profile.
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A POZ Girl's Guide to Dating: Hello, I'm Kelly

Collision A short tale of two promiscuous men Ryan realizes what he can do to hurt people, and the only person that can help him is his next target

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My first sexual encounter was by a guy who was 10 years older then me, I was 24 at the time, we met off the net, hooked up and I let him fuck me, he used a condom, but during our session of his big cock in my tight virgin hole the condom broke and after he came and pulled out there was the remains of the broken condom around his cock shaft and his cum n my blood up his shaft. In a strange way it really turned me on. I had a blood test, it was Neg. By this stage, about 2 years later, I went to a local known beat.

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