Warwick rowers full video free

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Warwick Rowers Release 'Bigger, Longer, And Uncut' Video Of 2014 Calendar Shoot (NSFW)

warwick rowers full video free

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Naked Warwick Rowers Are Just as Naked as Ever in 2016 Calendar—See the Sexy, NSFW Pics!

We literally cannot deal with anymore heat this summer, but we will make an exception for the new Warwick Rowers calendar. Every year, these hotties from the University of Warwick grace us with their bare bums and marginally covered private areas for the release of their new calendar and crowdfunder campaign to raise money for Sport Allies, their charity initiative to challenge homophobia in sports.

The Warwick Rowers calendar, which raises money for an LGBT charity that tackles homophobia in sport, has effectively been banned by customs officials who rejected attempts by the campaign to ship calendars bought online to their Russian customers. Around 23 calendars had been shipped to Russia out of which six had already been returned. Angus Malcolm, the producer of Warwick Rowers and the chairman of Sport Allies, told The Independent that if there had been a physical problem with the calendars or if they did not meet trading standards they would have been stopped by British customs. The makers of the calendar, which features naked members of the team in various poses, also claimed their website was hit by a distributed denial of service DDOS which sent 7, visits per second to their website shortly after. They said it was later traced to an IP address in Russia. The photographer said the Warwick Rowers were increasingly being recognised for their work around the world and he had even visited No 10 last month to discuss how to tackle homophobia.


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  1. Apparently they are just one of the awkward moments the Warwick Rowers — the group of U.K. rowers who release a naked calendar every year to help fight.

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