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nicole adam lz
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Nicole Lz Bio, Married, Divorce, And Relationship With Adam Lz

Ketta live big news i got a new Instagram for a long-ass time and Adam 22 all spelled out and now in Adam 22 the actual number obviously that was like what I tried to get on Instagram back in the day and it was taken since day one but shout-out to cam girl she went ahead and somehow she got it for me she's a fucking wizard don't bother trying to get her to do Instagram shit for you she can't read you out the ass but then also we got the note jumper Instagram without the do TCO em at the end which is really cool very very happy to have that too nice and simple now I'm gonna have to fucking basically try to figure out how the fuck I can get that shit on Twitter which might not work it. Might be kind of tough here it is the Miata the quarter pipe I know this guy from YouTube and I know exactly what the front of his house is supposed to look like here we go hi guys hi guys how you doing good to see ya it's been a while damn whoop grapes coming out already looking great it has it really been two years since I saw you I thought it was three years I was looking at on YouTube the other day and I think it said three years ago and. You guys have been on a wild rocket ship to the top together let me tell you I watched you install these lights on YouTube and I just have to suggest yes I did because you were what was the title it was something that clicked baited me finally it was something that made me like really really believe that I had to be in there to him and these things to us say Nicole fucking shred me oh my god let's do it I have no idea what do you even feel like I've never been in a drift car before but it looks like one to me though I see you guys sliding back and forth all the time this is cool feel like I might like store in the mall because it's so great look at this shower two heads and just just take. A lot of like effort like we would you contract out to do this Nicole's mother built it are you serious yeah she's like Egyptian wow those are dictions they put the carrot step god damn Wow this is. Like you guys are probably done oh these years he's sponsored by this company huh oh okay look at this coffee set it coffee machine and all these different syrups he said he hasn't put in his own videos because it doesn't want to like well we don't get paid by the cup a forearm stuff so I'm gonna blur out all the brand names but coffee is that important to you and your YouTube career Gary would you say oh just in life you've always been that guy that you always have talked about like Starbucks is like my motivation for like living that's what you do in your videos that's why I've learned is like caffeine is really important and not getting fucked up the night before it's very important as well which I not even practice [Music] my god. I'm not sure if you're really gonna be able to see that in my video but that was definitely was that like a ambulance with sand on subject yeah fire engine with Sienna on top of it driving through Adams LG's neighborhood throwing candy so it'll just land on the ground there's nobody around to log update me Nicole over here gonna go on a nice little ditch at Cheesecake Factory and I think we're gonna let Adam LZ tag along so they're getting ready we're.

Hailing from Florida, Adam Lz is best known for his self-titled YouTube channel, on which he has over 2 million subscribers. A BMX rider, most of his videos revolve around the sport e.

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