Amy and pink

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amy and pink

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The Stupid Girls singer is a huge fan of the outrageous British star and admits she would love to get the Rehab singer into the studio. Pink said: "The last album I bought was Amy's. She is great and I'd love to write with her.
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An year-old college student. She defeated the Zyudenryu Dricera while in America, and became a warrior, gaining its power. She is from America, studying abroad, and is the daughter of a wealthy family. After being asked by one of her teammates whether she has a crush on Daigo Kiryu , she briefly stops fighting the deboss to look at Daigo in a thinking sense to see if she has a crush or not. Episode not known. When Amy wakes up, she found out that a Rider is sleeping next to her. Gentle appears and faints after seeing that and the male members of Kyoryuger would figure out why the Rider is sleeping next to Amy.

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