Stephanie and sportacus kiss

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stephanie and sportacus kiss

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She was twirling in front of her bedroom mirror, a cloud of pink gauze and silk whirling around her. Maria's gaze was loving and a little misty-eyed as she looked upon her daughter.
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But I wanted to make it into a fic form, to show the idea on how Jao had written out for Sportacus., It was just a normal day in LazyTown as a year-old Stephanie Meanswell woke up, she quickly brushed her teeth and with a ballet spin she got dressed into her usual pink outfit and her pink headband with minimum glitter and as always her pink bracelets.

Being back in Lazytown sure made Stephanie happy, her hair has grown out very long and a bit wavy pink hair, her body mature to a very grown woman. She hasn't been there in a very long time, due to school and her college. Now that she finished college she return back to the one place that she called home. She smiled as she got off the train and headed to her uncles house. She couldn't wait to see her friends again, Stingy, Pixel, Ziggy and Trixie, but the one person, that she had a crush on him since she was 14 was none other then Sportacus. She didn't want to say anything to Sportacus being that she might ruin her friendship with him, and being that he was much older then her, he probably wouldn't like it nor the townspeople of Lazytown.

This is a drawing I made for my group, lazytown couples.

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