Black and white cheats

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Black & White Cheats for PC

black and white cheats
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Black & White Cheats

If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. Simply put on some early levels you are only able to build the Norse Wonder. However the more Norse Wonders you build the more wood and food you will get for every time you cast the miracle.

Pokemon Black / White Cheats

After completing the training where you learn how to knock the rock off of the pillar, you can go back and keep knocking the rock off repeatedly for an endless supply of water miracles., Talk the the Scientist on the 11th Floor in the Castelia City building on the left near the exit to Route 4.

If you want to get skeletons living in your village then you need two things: The teleport Miracle and to be able to kill people: Step1: Kill someone [without using fireballs] Step2: Make sure they're a skeleton [unless you want a zombie] Step3: Make two teleporters. Step4: Drop the person in one teleporter Step5: When they come out they will go to sleep, let them heal themselves by sleeping and you will have a living skeleton. If you want burnt humans then do the same thing as the skeleton but set fire to the human with a fireball and make sure they don't turn into a skeleton If you want an eternal fire then get loads of rocks in a pit and set fire to them, this will create a never-ending white flame. Note: don't blow up the rocks, the burnt humans may not work sometimes. Want a miracle another village has?

There are are files such as "Land1" and an other subdirectory called "Playgrounds". Inside, there are files like "TwoGods". Open any of these files like the ones mentioned above with Wordpad or note pad MS Word isn't so good at this.

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