Anfisa and jorge webcam

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Are Anfisa Arkhipchenko & Jorge Nava Divorced on ’90 Day Fiance’?

anfisa and jorge webcam
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Shaun asks Jorge if he ever thought Anfisa was involved in some kind of webcam . “No,” he says, after a pause. “I have seen this other girl that.
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What Are Jorge & Anfisa Doing Now? The '90 Day Fiance' Stars Are Working On Their Marriage

Shaun asks Jorge if he ever thought Anfisa was involved in some kind of webcam. I checked the casting video, and it does appear to be a smoking gun. In her casting tape, Anfisa is sitting on a couch with a pattern identical to the bed in the webcam video, which looks like a sleeper sofa. In addition, the wooden closet beside the bed is the same as well:. You can see this more clearly and in the same place in the webcam video. In addition to the similarities mentioned above, there is also the spacing of the wooden cabinet from the wall as well as the wall color. The webcam video does shift to the floor for a brief period, but the focus of the camera is on, umm, other things ahem , so the floor is too blurry to match.

So, does this mean the rocky couple have finally broken up for good? There have been no reports that the couple has officially called off their marriage either, but there is something on the show this season that may definitely create issues in the relationship. According to In Touch Weekly , in a promo video for the show, Nava is seen talking on the phone with a mystery woman, while Arkhipchenko listens. On the phone, Nava says that he is willing to take a DNA test in order to prove whether or not he was the father of her daughter. Or, perhaps Nava conceived the child before he even met Arkhipchenko. The age of the little girl has not yet been revealed. Nava and Arkhipchenko have gone through many fights and separations throughout their union together, which has been on full display for viewers across the nation.

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