Watch mimi and nikko video

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Is Mimi Faust Still With Nikko Or Is He Now A No-No?

watch mimi and nikko video

Mimi Faust From Love And Hip Hop Getting Fucked by Nikko

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L&HH ATL Ratchetivity: MiMi Faust Allegedly Leaked Her Own Sex Tape

It's the sex tape that impressively combines gymnastics, shower rods, and loads of afternoon delight in a NSFW video produced by Vivid entertainment., In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand , Faust talked Nikko and opportunism and spoke of their relationship on the past tense which could be a good clue to their status.

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July 17, We saw the episode where Mimi was crying about her sex tape with Nikko being leaked. So they figured they might as well cash in on it. While the show was on this Monday, there was a scene where the porn people asked them if there was a third person recording them because the camera moved during the taping, and if this was just a home-made movie with only two of them, then who moved the camera? Nikko said the camera moved because he shook or broke the ground. I came across a clip of it about 5 minutes long. Truly, truly, the camera literally changes from horizontal to sideways to vertical.

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  1. Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith sex video scandal is far from being an amateur footage, according to those who have watched the very private clip.

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