Lee and lucy

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Newlyweds Lee and Lucy are Not Going Out... after getting caught up in a robbery

lee and lucy
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Not Going Out is a British television sitcom that has aired on BBC One since , currently . In the eighth series, Lee and Lucy have been married for eight years (the series is set seven years after the Christmas Special), they have.
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Not Going Out set to return as Lee and Lucy taken on parenting

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I love Lee and Lucy so much. I love Not Going Out. Wait until you see season 8, it's amazing.
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Lucy is three days overdue when she, along with Lee, his dad Frank and neighbours Toby and Anna, get held up in a department store robbery on Christmas Evwal., As the seventh series of Not Going Out appears on the shop shelves in DVD form what better time to take a look back at my favourite episodes of the series?

Sign in. See the list. Lee and Toby are in the pub whilst Lucy attends a job interview in the restaurant next door but Toby, having established that Lee and Lucy are merely friends, tells Lee that he has actually set Lucy up on a blind date with his high-flying cousin. However when Lee admits that he loves Lucy Toby persuades him to tell her, explaining that there is no cousin, it was just a ruse to expose Lee's true feelings. Consequently Lee proposes and Lucy accepts. Written by don minifie


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  1. Mack and Andrew Collins were the initial writers for the show, with Paul Kerensa , Simon Evans and Daniel Peak joining the writing staff in later series.

  2. Lee (portrayed by Lee Mack) is an unambitious, lazy Northerner. He lives in London and previously was a tenant of Kate and then Lucy Adams after she bought.

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