Zim and gaz

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Gaz, Taster of Pork

zim and gaz
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Gaz x Zim Creampie by MelieConieK (Audio by LaughingGasArt)

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The relationship between Gaz and Zim in the series could be accurately described as unfriendly, and aloof at best. Throughout the course of the show, neither.
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Zim and Gaz Romance

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It was the first executive car produced by GAZ and the first one to have the famous leaping deer hood ornament. Unlike its successors, ZIM was the only Soviet executive class full-size car that was actually made available for private ownership.
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So, when the Soviet government saw a gap between these two models, they requested a production of a 6-seater car 3 rows of 2 seats for the middle class.

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