Ash and may sex story

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A Day Inside May

ash and may sex story
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Ash's Adventure with lots of Women

Ashton Ketchum and May Maple has been in relationship for a little over a year, The two hadn't done the deed yet, but as of late there hormones has been raging with two thinking of each other in very sexual ways the two try to tempt their hormones but late one night that changed., This usually involves a lazy non-sequitur exposition from dream-sky place.

They had only been together for a few months, Ash and May. She had always had a high sex drive, but this man made it uncontrollable. Yes.
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Ash was caught off guard by May's question, he had choked when Misty asked it this morning and was completely unprepared for May to ask him. He didn't want to tell her the truth that she had come in wanting to have sex with him. In the end he decided a little white lie would be the best bet.

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