Zoro and robin fanfiction

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Zoro Vs Robin

zoro and robin fanfiction
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If you've selected my bio I'm guessing you want to know a little about Robin Roronoa. After discovering this site years ago, I finally decided to start adding my own contributions to the fandom communities I had followed since my early teens.

Zoro Himself preferred to keep to himself so he could be alone with his thoughts, others would have thought this to be lonely but Zoro found it peaceful, so eating alone was no problem for him, but now Robin was walking his way.
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NOTE: This is set after the time skip and just after fishman island, but no lily on the ship from the whales, from there I will be altering the story of one piece entirely, so no Punk Hazzard with Smoker or anything, just a heads up, however I will be kind of adding in my own small adventures, nothing too big though. Brook seemed depressed after seeing that whale and thinking it was Laboon for that small moment, but who wouldn't, after all his one goal was to make it back to Laboon. To have thought he had completed his one goal to make it back to his friend, just for that one moment he felt immense joy. Luffy on the other hand looked as if he had already forgotten the incident, he was already nagging Sanji for food, Ussop and Chopper at his side supporting him. Nami returned to her duties as a navigator and saw what seemed to be nothing but clear skies, but not for a moment would she let her guard down as this was the infamous New World, where weather can change the moment you blink. Franky had disappeared to tend to the Sunny's needs and weapons as usual. Zoro found himself at his usual spot, sitting down with his swords at his side and the aftertaste of booze in his mouth, he scowled and decided he needed a refill.

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  1. Robin was sitting at Zoro's bedside, because he got badly injured, whilst taking an attack that was meant for her.

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