Sans and frisk ship

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sans and frisk ship
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Jun 19, Explore Kayla Wolf's board "Undertale sans and frisk ship ^_^" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Undertale comic, Sans frisk and Undertale.
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Sans x frisk

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Poly. Charfrans - the ship between Frisk, Sans and Chara: Chariskriel - the ship between Frisk, Chara and Asriel Dreemurr.
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Though Sans/Frisk is an age gap ship, how wide the gap is varies from person to person due to neither character having a definite canon age.
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Eventually he takes Frisk out to dinner at Mettaton's hotel, and there reveals that Toriel asked him to protect Frisk, and that if she had not done so he would have killed them on sight. He makes an attempt to persuade Frisk to stay in the Underground but then stops himself and tells Frisk that he trusts them, a line that is echoed later during Sans' segment of the true final boss battle. If Papyrus is killed, Sans stops interacting with Frisk altogether until the judgment scene at the end of the route; in a No Mercy route he is the final boss.



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  1. Explore Angel Williams's board "Undertale ships (but there's only sans x frisk)" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Videogames, Sans frisk and Underswap.

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