Watch ren and stimpy uncut

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watch ren and stimpy uncut
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Burping Beach Farting Frenzy (Ren and Stimpy)

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The Ren & Stimpy Show

The Ren & Stimpy Show: The First and Second Season (Uncut) is a Ren & Stimpy DVD box set that contains 33 episodes from Season 1 and Season 2. "Uncut" is not the most accurate description, however "Sven Hoek", "Powdered Toast Man", "Dog Show" and "Big House Blues" contain.
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The Ren & Stimpy Show: The First and Second Season (Uncut)

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The series follows the adventures of title characters Ren , an emotionally unstable chihuahua and Stimpy , a good-natured yet dimwitted cat. The show premiered on August 11, , as one of the original three Nicktoons alongside Rugrats and Doug. Throughout its run, the show was controversial for its off-color and dark humor, sexual innuendos, adult jokes, and violence. The production's failure to deliver episodes on time and its deteriorating relationship with Nickelodeon executives and Standards and Practices department led to Kricfalusi's departure from the show in The show ended on December 16, , with a total of five seasons and 52 episodes. It would go on to receive widespread critical acclaim after its run and has since developed a cult following and had a long-lasting influence on television animation.

Back to Review Index. Back to Quick Reviews. Review by Dawn Taylor. His creations were mostly for the benefit of his equally jaded co-workers until , when John K. Despite becoming a runaway hit, the collaboration between John K. The show was never as good after Kricfalusi left, and it limped along inconsistently for a three more seasons before Nick canceled it.

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